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Turbine Rotating and Equipment Solutions by Greenray

Turbines and Rotating Equipment Solutions

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Providing a comprehensive range of products and services relating to industrial gas turbines, steam turbines, rotating equipment, and processing equipment.

We provide products and services globally to multiple markets, primarily focused around the generation of power or the extraction, transportation and processing of oil and gas.

Within our business we provide and supply:

Here to support your rotating equipment

We provide a comprehensive range of products and services relating to industrial gas turbines and steam turbines. We supply spare parts, maintenance, control systems and technical support services.


We deliver a comprehensive range of servicing and repair solutions for rotating equipment including Gas and Steam turbines worldwide.

Our expertise is not limited to the turbine package servicing, repair, and overhaul, we also provide the following specialist products and services:


As a Siemens Energy Advanced Partner, we are the authorised OEM representative for a fleet of mature gas turbines, for which we offer a comprehensive range of services. We offer GEC Gas Turbines: EAS1, ERB1, EM85, EM610 and in addition we also support A.E.I (Associated Electrical Industries): AP1, AP2, AP4 and E.E. (English Electric): EA1, EA2, DEA2.

Field Services


We offer a comprehensive range of services for aero-derivate and light industrial gas turbine packages up to 60 MW, including the associated driven equipment.

We provide a wide range of support from basic ad-hoc callout maintenance through to comprehensive integrated maintenance packages and overhaul, for the gas turbine, associated driven unit, and balance of plant. We also have experience of relocating complete gas turbine packages and decommissioning, when required.

We can provide specialist, OEM support for GEC Gas Turbines: EAS1, ERB1, EM85, EM610; E.E (English Electric): EA1, EA2, DEA2 and A.E.I (Associated Electrical Industries): AP1, AP2, AP4, the Ruston TD4000, TA1250, TA1750 and TA2500 gas turbine packages.

  • Field Services – Within Greenray Turbine Solutions Ltd, our team of field service engineers have a wealth of gas turbine servicing expertise and knowledge.


On-site Service Worldwide

Support for aero-derivative and light industrial gas turbines up to 60 MW.

We provide a wide range of support from basic ad-hoc callout maintenance through to comprehensive integrated maintenance packages for the gas turbine. We support and maintain associated driven units and balance of plant. We also have experience of relocating complete gas turbine packages.

The majority of packages that we service are based around variants of the Rolls-Royce Olympus, Avon and RB 211 Gas Generators, but we also have knowledge and experience of many other gas turbines.



We specialise in providing engineering solutions and maintenance services for a wide variety of existing steam turbine packages up to 60 MW. Specialise in providing engineering solutions and maintenance services for a wide variety of existing steam turbine packages up to 60 MW.

  • Field Service: We provide a customer-focused service, fully equipped and experienced engineers and a dedicated main point of contact.

Planned and unplanned maintenance and overhauls

  • On-site project management
  • Plant condition monitoring
  • Site surveys
  • Fault diagnosis and breakdown support
  • Vibration recording and analysis
  • Strategic spares planning and inventory control
  • Technical consultancy
  • Specialist subcontractors.

Our team are qualified for both onshore and offshore works and have experience on a variety of steam turbines including: ABB, Allen, Alstom, Ansaldo, Franco Tosi, GEC, KK&K, Parsons, Peter Brotherhood, Siemens & Triveni.

  • Repairs & Re-engineering: Repairs of turbine and package components, providing a cost-effective alternative along with re-engineering and manufacturing where repair is not viable.

Cost Effective Solutions: Engineered solutions with component upgrades, rapid breakdown supply and stock management can all be catered for .

  • Producing parts cost-effectively and to customer lead times with OEM equivalent guarantees provided
  • Incorporating material enhancements and/or design improvements where possible
  • In house CAD / 3D modelling capabilities to produce drawings, removing the restriction to the original manufacturer in the future
  • To minimise downtime, Greenray can hold exchange units that are swapped out in the field and refurbished between outages.


  • Steam Turbine Support: We provide a customer-focused service and a dedicated main point of contact, who will assist you to access our extensive knowledge. We will find the right solutions for you, solve problems efficiently and cost effectively.

Operational Support

We can offer a range of engineering capabilities for repairs, modifications and enhancements.

Our highly skilled team covers a multitude of engineering disciplines including mechanical, electrical, controls and system engineering.

  • Our Services Include:
  • Plant optimization
  • FEED studies
  • Troubleshooting
  • Component re-engineering
  • CAD 2D and 3D modelling.
  • Operator training
  • Project Management

We offer you a dedicated point of contact, helping you manage and coordinate your individual activities as one integrated project. All our projects are tightly phased, with each stage clearly defined and controlled.  We manage projects with a focus on quality assurance and risk management, we implement a rigorous review process to ensure the result conforms to requirements.

  • We work closely with our customers to:
  • Deliver your projects effectively and efficiently.
  • Deliver in line with your budgets and timescales.
  • Communicate with you throughout the entire project cycle.
  • Liaise with any subcontractors, ensuring they work in accordance with your requirements!


  • Driven Equipment: As part of the overall package, we can support the associated driven equipment, including gearboxes, generators, compressors, pumps and fans.

Support Capability

Providing our customers with a comprehensive service solution

Gearboxes and Generators

As part of the turbine overhaul there is usually a gearbox and generator which we service both mechanically and electrically (electrical inspections being carried out by approved proven subcontract companies).


We provide compressor package operators with a cost-effective alternative to traditional service providers without compromising on quality, reliability, and safety. The extensive experience gained allows us to offer technical support, guidance, and advice to assist in performance of gas compressor packages.

Comprehensive range of services for compressors:

  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
  • Dry Gas and Barrier Seal Changes
  • Bundle Change out and Inspection.



By taking care of your stock, we can ensure that components are always ready and available when needed and preserved and maintained when they aren’t.

Rotating Equipment Storage and Preservation

Secured, Protected, Preserved

As a specialist rotating equipment team, we fully understand what is required to maintain and preserve rotating equipment components.

We store and preserve components for our customers, ranging from simple package parts to full rotor assemblies.

Our team have experience of working with: Aero-derivative and light industrial gas turbines, Pumps, Compressors, Generators, Ancillary Systems.

Our service offering on driven equipment extends to complete strip and inspection of gearboxes and AC generator rotor removal.

Many of our engineers have previously worked for major Original Equipment Manufacturers and bring valuable experience and knowledge to the business. We perform major overhauls on power turbines both on-site and in approved workshops.


Supporting a wide range of turbo machinery and small rotating equipment assets, for our customers worldwide.

Floating Vessel Support

Demonstratable capability to deliver spare parts and engineered solutions. This gives us the flexibility to provide a cost effective, customer focused service to critical small rotating equipment, maintenance work, call‐off contracts, alternative engineered solution for spare parts, spare part stock holding, and de‐risking of critical small rotating equipment.

Small Rotating Equipment

Turbine Solutions are an independent service provider for small rotating equipment. 

  • Engineered Solutions: We have the proven capability to deliver, when working on FPSO Turbo-Feed Pumps, Inert Gas Blowers and Turbine Drives, Forced Draft Fans and Turbine Drives, Turbo Off-Loading Pumps, Steam Driven Stripping Pumps, and Main Steam Turbo Generators. We can provide alternative engineered solutions, such as the complete manufacture of an FD fan steam turbine drive rotor and reversing segment.
  • Innovative Business: Where spare parts are not available or a repair is not possible onboard, Greenray Turbine Solutions can offer advanced engineering, using alternative engineered solutions. Greenray can carry out plant condition monitoring and vibration analysis, along with technical consultancy and operator training, as required.

Foreign Technical Partners



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