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Oil and Gas

The Oil & Gas industry, with its complex processes and critical infrastructures, has certain key business imperatives that include enhanced operational excellence, market-driven price optimization, a consistent need for operational expenditure reduction, top-class safety, and security systems and many more.

Since its inception in 2017, T Triangle has steadily come to be one of the very top, most trusted and sought-after partners in the Oil & Gas Industry within her serve area.

Our team of internationally trained experts delivers not just solutions but also the application engineering expertise to solve any industry challenge. With our solution portfolio, we can address the critical requirements of the entire Oil & Gas Value Chain, covering.


The power sector remains the driver of an industrial economy. As such, T Triangle leverages on her team of highly trained field-service engineers, which, combined with the in-depth technical experience and capacity of our partner OEMs, allow us to deliver cost-effective solutions to captive and grid-connected power producers as well as transmission and distribution companies.

Process Industries

Being the leading automation, process, and system integration company in our region, T Triangle has evolved into a total solution provider for several process industries including the Food and Beverage industry.

Our value proposition over the years has been to provide cutting edge yet cost-effective solutions for the sustainability of the business operations of the Food and Beverage companies in the region operate in.

In consideration of the criticality of the Food and Beverage industry to the Nigerian economy, T Triangle remains committed to offering solutions that will not only boost the operating margins but improve the overall bottom-line of our clients.

As such, we continue to provide high-quality values for process control, accurate measurement solutions for liquid, solid and gas measurement, process solutions such as pumps and compressors to convey process fluids, electrical and instrumentation solutions to energize and monitor the factory and supply chain services to procure plant equipment required for maintenance, repairs, and operations.

Marine Industries

Our maritime focus span across all maritime activities such as Offshore assets, FPSO, Ships, Barges, Naval Boat and Subsea activities by majoring in all the fundamentals required to stay safe and compliant.
Which includes both products and services from lifeboats and evacuation systems to Life rafts, personal protective gear, gas detectors and firefighting equipment etc.
world-leading premier IT infrastructure, Audio Video CCTV, Cables, IoT, KVM and Networking solutions in maritime industry, our marine automation, alarm and monitoring systems are all well-built.

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