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Valves and Actuation Services

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We have the expertise to provide the highest quality Valve and Actuation Solutions with optimal performance and cost efficiency with seamless execution and fast delivery.

We have reputable and trusted OEMs as partners, which enables us to offer the best and unique services without compromising on safety and excellent delivery. We have the capacity to deliver various flow control of global standard.

We offer full life cycle of various types of valves and actuators starting from the sale to installation & commissioning, maintenance, repairs, testing, calibration, training and recertification with fast delivery, thereby ensuring that there is negligible downtime.

Our valve solution covers the followings:

Butterfly Valves, Gate Valves, Triple Offset Valves, Choke Valves, Control Valves, Check Valves, Ball Valves, Safety Valves, Relief Valves



We operate and supports a wide selection of Global Industrial Processes, keeping these working environments safe and secure. Our complete range of mechanical & Electro-mechanical Interlocks are products which are fully adaptable to supply multiple solutions to those requested end-user requirements.

Our products have a history as a solution provider, we ensure process applications within the Green Energy, Oil & Gas, Chemical & Tank Storage segments, where they ensure a safer workplace during Daily Operations, Maintenance & Shutdowns.

However Mechanical & Electro-mechanical interlocks are applicable to many other markets and applications. It is our goal to share the story, to operate safely, and prevent failures which can hurt humans, the environment we live in, and prevent valuable product losses.

Interlocks for Industrial Processes: Industrial interlocks can be used to protect humans and ensure safe operations. Yearly a few accidents happen during operations and maintenance. We have multi turn and quarter turn locks for gate valves, globe valves and gear operated valves to prevent these failures and accidents.


Interlocks for Machine Guarding:

Machine guarding interlocks can be used to guard machines and ensure safe operations. Yearly a few accidents happen during operations and maintenance. We have bolt locks, door locks and car seals to prevent these failures and accidents. Machine guarding applications are well suited for paper and pulp, water treatment and food & beverage companies. These companies often use mixers or separators, and these could be dangerous if they are being entered during operations. Our technical engineers will help you find the right solution to protect your employees and machines.

Pig Traps: Pipelines are routinely cleaned with the help of pigs that scrape the lines clean. This is done to remove any debris deposited thus preventing corrosion and undesirable increase in pressure drop. These pigs are also utilized for commissioning / decommissioning of pipelines as well as to detect and measure the pipeline defects such as corrosion, wall defects and cracks. This is achieved with the help of Pig traps which launches the pigs into the piping network from one side and receive it at the other end in a safe and controlled manner.


Role of Interlocks

The process of launching and receiving of pigs can be a hazardous operation if performed out of sequence. Hence a safety system is required that can control the process without any dependence on human judgement.

Mechanical Key Interlocks will ensure that sequence of valves and end closure operations is always performed in a predefined, single, and unchanging path. Although there can be variations in the sequence to be performed, the following scenarios are always kept in mind:

Avoiding unintended pressurization of pig trap.

The quick opening closure can only be allowed to open only after depressurization of traps.

It should not be possible to open mainline and kicker line valves when the quick opening closure is open.

Interlock solution for pressure safety systems

Whether onshore or offshore, maintenance procedures to Safety Relief Systems on live plants is a cause for concern, particularly as an open path to relief must be maintained during all times of the work exercise.

The Interlock PSV system ensures maintenance procedures on safety relief systems operate in a safe sequence. Most modern piping arrangements include spare relief capacity, which enables continuous production while routine maintenance procedures are conducted. This eliminates the need to isolate and shut down the process on a live plant, which has major time and cost saving advantages.

Role of Interlocks

Various API and ASME codes recognize this hazard and recommend the use of interlocks to safeguard the process. By fitting an Alcatraz valve interlock to the upstream and downstream isolating valves, it ensures the process occurs only in the safe, designated sequence and recommendations are fully implemented.


Flow control

Across various Industries to be able to meet the process requirements, it is needed to be able to control what product flows and when. To ensure continuous safe operation it is important that the right products flow in and out of a process, certain flows are maintained during operation of specific equipment, under / over / no dosing is prevented and proper maintenance as well as regeneration is ensured.

Role of Interlocks

Interlocks enable the user to control the position of any valve while simultaneously maintaining product flow to equipment like pumps, reactors etc. These valves may be located in inlet, outlet, bypass, regeneration lines etc of processes thus making Interlocks a universal solution for these situations. Interlocks will ensure that sequence of valves and connected equipment is always performed in a predefined and unchanging path. Although there are widespread scenarios that can be offered within this type of application, a few examples have been given below:

Switchover for flowlines of steam generator system, heat exchanger, reactor etc.

Isolation for maintenance of equipment like boiler, tanks, adsorbers etc.

To avoid over / under pressure, Proper dosing, ensuring correct valve operation when pump is running, Catalyst / Desiccant regeneration.


Tank farming / storage

The demand for tank Storage space is a continuously growing business sector. Meaning the pressure for space within the existing facilities is high. Therefore, using the available infrastructure efficiently and without issues or down time is key to the operators.

This is one of the Key factors Alcatraz Interlocks supports its global Tank Storage clients. With open consultation, we support and ensure the correct valve line-up applications, with a preliminary focus to prevent product contamination, discharging of products in or out of the incorrect tank(s), and the transferring of products from tank to ship / truck within a correct piping line up.


Cross contamination a huge factor

Contamination is naturally a huge factor for any storage terminal. Mistakes have a direct cost, and the facilities reputation in handling a clients produce can be severely impacted. Next to that, these types of incidents can create a possible spike in the global deliveries and pricing of these goods. There are many old and modern facilities, where the lining up of these manual valves correctly, can be challenging due to all the piping modifications over the years.

Even with highly talented and experienced operators, using written procedures, the probability of an incorrect valve being operated or simply left open by mistake, within all the crisscrossing of process lines & valves on site, is still there. Plus, a written procedure does not give a final valve position feed-back to the CCR in a real-time aspect.

Process & Safety Interlocks

Our Valve Assembly & Automation Centre of Excellence contains a state-of-the-art test bench for workshop services as well as a mobile workshop. This can be used on-site for clinical services, consisting of lapping machines, Wheelabrator for blasting and corrosion effect mitigation, compressors, and paint booth, etc. With activities ranging across refurbishment, testing, calibration, painting, actuation and re-certification of various valve types and field instruments as well as installation and commissioning. We guarantee the delivery of an optimum product, its perfect installation and functioning on-site and the issuing of recertification post checking of the various equipment in a unit.

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