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Leak Detection Solutions

Leak Detection Solution

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We offer essential, highly specialized services to the oil and gas, petrochemical, hydrogen, and nuclear industries worldwide. T Triangle injunction technical partner own an international patent on tracer gas technology, leveraging optical gas imaging. This is the future of CSU leak detection.


After over a decade of research and development, Lineriders’ pioneering in the use of tracer gas leak detection technologies has quickly launched our company to the world stage. The use of helium, ultrasonic instruments, & infrared optical gas imaging (OGI) allows us to achieve world class inspections at the Commissioning/Start-up (CSU) or Turnaround (TAR) phase of any pressurized system. Leveraging advancements in OGI, Lineriders has developed a cost saving leak detection solution that has proven to put projects ahead of schedule without compromising results.


Industrial Fire Protection services

As a leading life and fire safety provider, Reliable Fire Protection will provide the following advantages and services to your industrial facility:

Fire Sprinkler Solutions and Services

Looking for a code-compliant and cost-effective sprinkler solution for your application, search no further. We can tailor a solution that fits your needs, no matter the size, complexity, or line of business: industrial, commercial, retail, healthcare, hospitality, educational, entertainment, public sector, governmental, and more. From new installation to retrofit, freestanding or integrated, we will configure your system specifically for its environment—with thought given to ease of expansion or future upgrade.

We provide features that building managers and insurers want, including considerations for LEED points, along with competitive pricing from planning and installation to acceptance testing and follow-on services.

Special Hazards Solutions

We provide expertise on the entire scope of your solution, from design and installation to maintenance and support. Whatever the environment, we can meet your specific need. We’re committed to developing solutions that don’t pose harm to people or the environment.

From control rooms to fuel-pump islands, rare documents to manufacturing equipment, our special hazards suppression systems help protect high-risk, high-value environments and operations. If your organization includes sites where chemicals, flammables, processes, FPSO or equipment require specialized fire protection, and suppression solutions, talk to us.

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