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7 Common Mistakes in Oil and Gas Procurement and How T Triangle Provides Effective Solutions



Effective procurement management in the oil and gas industry is crucial for maintaining a streamlined supply chain and successful operations. 

However, these common mistakes can hinder the procurement process and impact overall business outcomes. 

Here are 7 common mistakes and how T Triangle provides effective solutions to address them:


Neglecting Strategic Planning:

Mistake: Failing to incorporate strategic planning into procurement processes.

T Triangle Solution: With our long-standing partnerships with various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) globally, we bring strategic alliances with stockists, buying houses, and manufacturers. 

This strategic approach ensures seamless procurement aligned with business goals.


Ignoring Supplier Risk Analysis:

Mistake: Neglecting to analyse supplier risks and potential disruptions.

T Triangle Solution: Through our extensive experience and expertise in procurement, we provide supplier risk intelligence. 

We work closely with our partners to comprehensively understand and manage supplier risks, enhancing supply chain resilience.


Incomplete Supply Chain Mapping:

Mistake: Not mapping out the entire supply chain, leading to vulnerabilities during disruptions.


T Triangle Solution: We pride ourselves on our global supply networks, allowing us to create a sustainable and efficiently delivered procurement solution. 

Our Supply Chain Management team collaborates with partners to ensure comprehensive supply chain mapping and effective risk mitigation.


Lack of Supplier Communication:

Mistake: Failing to communicate expectations and standards with suppliers.


T Triangle Solution: Our strong relationships with multinational and international suppliers emphasise transparent and continuous communication. 

We work closely with suppliers to ensure they understand and adhere to our safety, quality, and performance standards.


Inadequate Procurement Procedures:

Mistake: Using generic procurement procedures that do not consider the unique requirements of the oil and gas industry.


T Triangle Solution: We go beyond generic practices. Our specialised procurement procedures involve suppliers early on, ensuring alignment with industry-specific needs. 

This results in transparent processes and high-quality outcomes.


Overlooking Direct, Indirect, and Service Procurement:

Mistake: Not recognising the different procurement types (direct, indirect, service) and their significance.

T Triangle Solution: We excel in all procurement types with our expertise and established relationships. 

Our services encompass raw materials, equipment, wholesale goods, and services, catering to the unique needs of various industry segments.


Failing to Adapt to Market Intelligence:

Mistake: Ignoring market intelligence when making purchasing decisions.


T Triangle Solution: Market intelligence is at the core of our approach. 


We collaborate with global partners, OEMs, and manufacturers to offer commercially viable and consultancy-backed procurement solutions. This ensures informed decision-making and competitiveness.


In conclusion, T Triangle is a reliable solution to common oil and gas procurement mistakes. Our approach combines strategic planning, supplier risk analysis, transparent communication, and specialised procedures to create a seamless and resilient supply chain. Our global partnerships and expertise provide a cost-effective, quality-focused, and efficient procurement experience across various industry segments, ensuring value delivery to our customers.


Visit our website for more details: https://ttriangle.com/

Or talk to our team for custom services: CA +1-587-917-7545, NG +234-909-777-8886, NG +234-909-706-9797, info@ttriangleltd.com  

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